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Gallery Unit History 
The following is documentation is of events, workshops, performances and happenings that were curated and organised by Hannan Jones and Rachael Simpson during a 6 month open studio residency at The Savoy Centre, Glasgow’s oldest indoor shopping market.

Together they developed Unit, the studio and Gallery Unit.
These are the foundations of community, social engagement and site-specific works developed throughout.

Site/Location Dialogue
Gallery Unit and Unit are located opposite one another; both connected and seperated through a corridor. This played a key attribut to the playful relationship of moving studio works into the gallry, it interacted with passerby’s and encouraged a constant flow of change.

Other Curation and Programming
We also curated and lead art events, talks and residency programmes outside of The Savoy Centre in other shopping malls, highschool and prisons. We have self-published two books on the events and ethos’ of our experiences in public engagement and founding an artist run space.