Joanne Dawson
b. 1993, Sheffield recently graduated from The Glasgow School of Art, BA Fine Art

Review of Joanne's current exhibitions in Glasgow and Edinburgh

Joanne's exhibition The New Savoy House on show from the 14th of September - 9th of October 2015. Drawing from cultural histories and exploring visual identities of the centre, The New Savoy Picture
House reflects primarily on the previous use of the building as a picture house designed specifically as a safe space for women. Re-animating Guthrie and Wells interior features, the palm court, marble pillars, fountain, and chequered floor, Dawson will present new installation of sculpture and print.

In the past, film dominated Glasgow - cinema culture was used as a ritual of escape from everyday life in over 130 picture houses. The building was demolished in 1972 except for the grade b listed facade, which currently fronts Glasgow’s largest indoor market place known as The Savoy Centre.