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Gallery UNIT


Gallery Unit also known as G-UNIT is a non-profit artist run space committed to generating a diverse connection between art and the public.

Founded in 2014 Gallery Unit was initiated as an independent open studio and gallery by artists whom met at The Glasgow School of Art in Sculpture and Environmental Art department. Aimed at championing art and engagement, the curators programmed public call outs and workshops that faciliated and welcomed the public.

Gallery Unit mid 2015 became a dedicated exhibition space with available artist studio.

Until 2016 Gallery Unit was curated on a regular basis with international and local invites and submissions. It is now a transient concept that will manifest itself through collaboration, residencies and future exhibitions.

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Pictured: Hannan Jones & Rachael Simpson with portrait of Rennie MacKintosh taken out the front of Gallery UNIT, The Savoy Centre.